Thursday, November 16, 2006



A show of my new work -painting and jewelry- from my journey to the Yucatan Jan -Feb 06
105 E. Palace Ave Santa Fe, N.M. 87501 505-983-2657
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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Sunday, February 26, 2006


The Observatory under the Mayan sky

I would have loved to watch the stars from this beautiful Mayan observatory at the Coba ruins. But the entrance was blocked, so I had to stay outside.
From their constant observation of the heavens, Mayan astronomers were able to plot virtually perfect time cycles. They knew all about the rotation of Venus and about lunations, the basic elements for creating a calendar.
The Mayans considered time cyclic. What happened today, had already happened in the past, and because everything repeated itself, they tried to understand those changes, organizing them and registering them.
Their highly developed and complicated calendar was more precise than the one we use today.



At the top of Coba pyramid

On top of the big Coba pyramid. Spectacular view over the tree tops and the lake. But climbing down was much worse than climbing up. It certainly made me remember that we are descendants of the monkeys. I probably looked like that too.



Coba pyramid

The big pyramid in Coba is closer to heaven than my fifth floor apartment in Copenhagen. And I am a little out of practice with climbing the stairs, so my legs muscles are telling me. But what a view up there! Almost like flying high above the tree tops.



Jungle taxi

Anastasio was driving me through the huge area of the Coba ruins in his bicycle jungle taxi. On the way he showed me a big iguana in a tree top, a whole colony of termites and the Mayan ruins.




Water color by Ross from the Mayan series.



Collar de caracol

Sliced shell containing smaller shells plus some sand from the Tulum beach. Ross is wearing it around his neck - he bought it from these two jewelers one night on the Avenida.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006



The Goddess of the Agave plant, a Mayan symbol for the month of September. Water color by Ross from the Mayan series.



Need a Break

Stressed out? Need a break...a new mind set...time to listen to each other...or to yourself? Try a hammock on the sandy beach of the Caribbean. Relaxing, beautiful and fun. You switch from the time of the clock to eternity.



Rain Leaf

The leaves on these plants in our yard are huge. I have no idea how they get that big - maybe they even mutate? After rain they keep drops like pearls on a leaf.



Akumal Lagoon

The beautiful lagoon close to Half Moon Bay in Akumal. I did my first snorkeling and saw a lot of fish. The lagoon is sheltered, so it mixes salt water and fresh water. You can do diving between the islands. Big bronze sculptures on the rocks surround this very special place.



At the Lagoon

We met CarolAnn and her family in Akumal where they were on vacation from Cleveland, Ohio. CarolAnn is a yoga teacher and massage therapist. Her husband Massimo has a consulting firm. We had a great time with them and their two boys, and they showed us the beautiful lagoon close to Half Moon Bay where they stayed.


Saturday, February 18, 2006



Two pelicans joined me at the Akumal beach. They plunged into the ocean just in front of me, diving for fish.
Ross and I got so inspired that we went to la Cueva del Pescador for a late lunch and had delicious fish tacos and shrimp ceviche. The restaurant looks like Ernest Hemingway was there and could have walked right out the door. The young fishermen came in from the boats carrying rods and reels after a day on the ocean. Then they hung around the restaurant for a while. On the wall was a sign saying “You hook it, we cook it”.



Dos Ojos

Dos Ojos north of Tulum. The amazing ancient caves get their waters from underground rivers - cenotes. Dos Ojos means Two Eyes. I shot these photos while Ross was snorkeling in the crystal clear water. You could see every single fish in it - they came up to nibble at him. Then I dipped my feet in the same water that the Mayans did.



Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day I got a dozen red roses from Ross. What a lovely surprise! And my first Valentine’s roses since this is not a Danish tradition. I hadn’t even noticed that it was Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Mosquito Net

Sleeping under the mosquito net in Donna’s jungle house. The mosquitos here at the Yucatan are meaner than their Danish cousins, because they don’t send out a buzzzz sound of warning when they approach you. Plus they are very small. I have been seen swatting a lot in the empty air lately, trying to catch them before they catch me.



Mayans Fishing

Mayans fishing for the big one. Water color by Ross from the Mayan series.



Mayan Waters

Hans Christian Andersen meets the Mayans....Here you see Ross’ vision of a Mayan Mermaid. I also love the two guys in the canoe - maybe jewelry merchants? Water color by Ross from the Mayan series.



Saturday, February 11, 2006


The Jaguar

The jaguar represents wisdom, hidden knowledge. At the same time, it symbolizes the night in its cosmic aspect of the universe, space, planetary movement and the stars.
Water color by Ross from the Mayan series.



1000 Columns

The plaza of the thousand columns at Chichen Itza.



Skull Wall

“If the seed does not die, the plant is not born...”
The skull wall at Chichen Itza tells about the Mayan’s transformation to become a person of wisdom. And it probably also tells about ritual death of decapitation in the ball game.
The ball court was used for a basketball-like game - except that the hoop was much higher and sideways. It is currently believed that after the game, the captain of the winning team was decapitated. His blood was used to fertilize the ground. The body was then thrown into a well and a relief of his skull was carved into a wall to memorialize him.





“They made the temples high and resplendent so that men from near and far came to adore, to that that had no name and was above...
They raised the great white houses in which the Masters taught the Wisdom.
They built with holy stones the Ancient Cities in which the Gods dwelt with Men” (Antonio Mediz Bolio)




Chichen Itza means something like “Dew of Water that Poses on the Mouth of the Sacred Well”. At solstice you see the serpent in shadow and light climbing down the side of the pyramid.




The Mexican bus system works very well, and the drivers do an excellent job on the narrow and often rough roads. Speed control the Mexican way consists of high speed bumps - extremely effective, but not very pleasant. After dark the roads are really dark out there - the jungle takes over just where the pavement ends. We went from Tulum to Chichen Itza on a day trip - almost three hours each way.



Jaguar Shaman

Water color by Ross from the Mayan series.

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